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Esports Arena

Esports Arena

An esports arena is coming to Alabama. Decades in the making the Magic City ePlex offers the full atmosphere of a sports venue while allowing everyone to take part in the action. Whether you are cheering on your team or becoming part of the action, the ePlex heralds the arrival of one of the fastest-growing sports in the South.

What is the Magic City ePlex?

The ePlex is an arena designed from the ground up for esports. Hundreds of thousands of fans across the world attend events from StarCraft and NBA tournaments to the League of Legends World Championship.

Our venue is one of the most unique in the world. Only one other arena exists in the United States, in California. Only the ePlex partners with Hewlett Packard and Springboard VR to bring after-action virtual reality to the masses.

Why should there be an esports arena?

The requirements of esports are much different than in any other sport. Power, equipment, and careful planning are all needed to ensure a seamless experience.

Traditional venues do not offer the same capacity for competition as a dedicated arena. Teams compete over screens, not on courts where the action is entirely visible. We offer you a front-row seat to the action no matter where you are with an immersive experience.

Is there an esports team in Alabama?

EPlex wants to grow our sport. Not only do we offer you a home in which to participate, but an incubator in which to grow. We want you to thrive.

Our environment helps gamers and entrepreneurs navigate the cutthroat world of esports. Polish your talented team into unrivaled diamonds amidst the best technology in the world. Gain access to a network of marketers to get your name out.

Is there a professional esports café in Alabama?

The Magic City ePlex is not just a place to watch your favorite teams but a captivating café.  Place yourself in the action.

We partner with industry-leading companies to provide for our visitors. Untether yourself with the latest in virtual reality. In between, grab a beer games, sip on wine, and get a slice of pizza. We host individuals and parties in the arena where you can feel like a part of the action.

Growing sport

Esports attracts hundreds of thousands of fans to some of the largest events in the world. From 1970 to today, gaming remains a growing business. It is time for a dedicated home in the South.

The ePlex is one of the most advanced venues on the planet. We aim to create a true home.

Esports arena in Birmingham

Grab a beer or a slice, sit back, and watch your favorite team at the Magic City ePlex in Birmingham, Alabama. Founded by a Trussville native, we are a one-of-a-kind state-of-the-art venue for parties and teams throughout North America.

Our partnerships and leadership will ground esports in a professional environment here in the South. Visit our site or website today to become part of the action.

Esports Arena
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